Cam Bushing (#1) 1937-73

BUSHING #1 cam 25590-37
Description: Cam Bushing (#1) 1937-73 45's rear exhaust cam
SKU: 25590-37
HD Orig. Part #:660-37A
HD New Part #:
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Rear Cylinder Exhaust Cam Gear-Oil Pump Drive Shaft Bushing. This large flange bushing must be pressed into case cover until face of bushing is flush with machined surface of case to provide correct seating and clearance for oil pump. Use a smooth surfaced disk or plate a little larger than the bushing flange diameter when pressing bushing into case cover to ensure flush fit. If available bushing flange is J/g inch thick, put on lathe mandrel and remove %2 inch from outside face and 0.015 inch from inside face to make flange 0.078-inch thick. Later bushings will be made to these specifications. Drill a No. 31 drill size hole, %2-inch deep, in the bushing flange to right of original pin hole, to accommodate dowel pin. Drive dowel
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